New School, New State


The transition to college can be hard, especially if you’re moving several hours away from your hometown. Some people have trouble deciding between colleges within their home state and out-of-state dream schools. Well, undecided folks, Auburn is great for out-of-state students! Here’s why…

1. There are more than 10,000 out-of-state students at Auburn

You are not alone.

According to the university website, 26,606 students enrolled at Auburn during the Fall 2015 semester. Of those students, 10,439 were from other states.

Because Auburn hosts such a large number of out-of-state students, it’s easy to connect with people all over the country with two simple words.

“No matter where in the country you go, people know of Auburn,” said Josh Carroll, a Maryland-native senior studying Industrial Engineering. “Wherever I am, if I am wearing an Auburn shirt, I will hear a “War Eagle!”

2. Auburn is a unique city with a lot to offer

Auburn quickly feels like a new home after moving here. It does not take long to navigate busy streets like Magnolia and Samford Avenue or remember where the best restaurants are.

Auburn residents are welcoming and kind and always make you feel at home.

“My favorite thing Auburn offers is a sense of community and family even when you’re so far away from your actual family,” said Sarah Grace Miller, a Virginia-native senior studying Biosystems Engineering.

“It’s really diverse and has a lot of people from a lot of places,” Miller said. “The university has a lot of choices for majors, the weather is really warm, and it’s a new start to be whoever you want to be.”

3. You can let your true colors shine

Auburn is stacked with opportunities to meet people and get involved. Whether it be on or off-campus organizations, Auburn has something for everyone. You can even discover new things about yourself!

“While it can be nerve racking leaving your home, being somewhere new helps you really discover who you are as a person rather than who you are with your family or people you’ve always grown up with,” Miller said.

“It’s a new adventure and you can be whoever you want to be. Heck, you can go by a different name if you want to!”

What about homesickness?

It’s a whole new world living without your parents, but Auburn makes the transition a piece of cake.

Don’t be afraid to get out there and try something new, meet new friends and experience a different part of the country. Everyone misses home every once in a while, but there are many people here to help you through it.

“I didn’t really feel homesick as a freshman because I loved the campus and the environment I was around so much that I didn’t really feel like home was all that far away,” said Travis Brandt, a senior Missouri-native said.

“The only times I get homesick are when I miss my friends from back home or good cooking because I am not that great of a chef.”

Luckily, social media and technology are here to help!

“I am able to stay close with my family by calling them a couple times a week and constantly communicating through text message,” Carroll said.

“I didn’t get homesick often freshman year because I was having so much fun. When I did, it was nice to know that my parents had a visit planned for the middle of the semester,” Brandt said.

“After that, it was only a short time before I would be home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I would say I look forward to going home sometimes but I never feel that it’s too far away.

No matter where you are from, Auburn will be your home away from home!

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