What on Earth is a Campus Ambassador?


Have you ever seen a table covered in brand logos and freebies on campus? The person behind the table is likely a campus ambassador, eager to tell you about the company they represent. You may be thinking, “Campus Ambassador? What’s that?” Well, here’s the lowdown…

Who are campus ambassadors?

Companies hire students to represent their company on college campuses across the country. These students are “campus ambassadors.” Campus representative (rep) is another name for a campus ambassador. Ambassadors are usually pursuing a degree in public relations, communication, marketing or advertising.

In the last year, students represented brands including Jessica Simpson, HBO, Pocket Points, Southern Tide, Tilt and Victoria’s Secret PINK on Auburn’s campus, just to name a few.

What do campus ambassadors do?

Campus ambassadors have a tough job. They plan events to promote their company and the company’s products. For example, Auburn ambassadors hold fashion shows, scavenger hunts, social media campaigns and more. These events raise awareness of and promote a brand’s product or service. Ambassadors also market the events to spread the word and encourage people to attend.

Along with planning events, ambassadors distribute company logo merchandise and give away free clothing and/or product samples.

Some ambassadors even earn money as payment, while others receive free products.

Is being a campus ambassador worth it?

“It’s an easy way to get paid, get class credit, depending on your major, and to learn a lot about the work opportunities within the industry,” says Eva Mavrakos, a senior in Marketing and a former HBO campus ambassador. “You network with anyone and everyone on campus, so you meet a ton of people you wouldn’t have without this experience. I learned more about marketing as a whole during this ambassadorship than I have in any of my classes.”

The work that goes into event planning and marketing does not go unnoticed. Sometimes, companies offer ambassadors jobs in the future, depending on performance.

“Numerous companies have reached out to me with other ambassador positions! I also have great talking points during interviews,” says Mavrakos.

Tips for future campus ambassadors?

  • Take planning seriously! “Booking venues for events, especially large events, cannot be put off until the last minute,” says Mavrakos. Big sites on campus can book in the blink of an eye, so don’t wait to pick the perfect venue. Planning ahead is essential to time management and lowering your stress levels.
  • Utilize social media to the fullest. Everyone (almost) is active on social media, so this is the best way to reach a large audience with one post. Ambassadorships teach you to use social media as a tool rather than just for fun. “Being on the PINK team taught me a lot about social media marketing,” says Addie Smith, junior studying Communication. “As reps, a lot of our job was posting on social media so our friends would know about upcoming events.”

Check online for future ambassadorships available in Auburn!

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